Jo May Design Outdoor art landscape and portrait all sizes

Outdoor Art Panels Small & Medium

Small – 49.5cm x 16.7cm
Medium 80cm x 27cm

Outdoor art & garden art great for fences or large walls

Great impact for pools or courtyards

Great for gardens and bathrooms, or anywhere you want a splash of colour.

Fully outdoor suitable art, on 3-4mm thick composite aluminium, with light black edges.

These are fully outdoor suitable, safe in the  sun & rain for many years, UV treated, full gloss.

Pre drilled in the corners, ready to hang using stainless steel screws.

The panels are made for long life outdoors, & have been very successfully tested in full sun conditions so far for 6 solid years. But of course nothing lasts forever. Serious long term life of the panels will depend on where you put them and how much sun they get, but at these great prices you can afford to put them in the full sun, enjoy them at their glorious best & just get more later!

The panels are virtually maintenance free  – just hose down if they get dusty.

Do not scrub or rub – they have a surface coating which you do not want to damage – if you have to clean something off please just use a very soft wet cloth or sponge – not a paper towel or rough scourer.

Of course, you are also totally able to hang these indoors – they are fantastic in kitchens and bathrooms too.

Panels are usually made to order, please do allow up to 2-3 weeks for dispatch. You will be notified within 48 hours if the wait is to be any longer than 7 days. (If we do happen to have the one you want pre-made, then shipping time is usually between 1 to 7 days.)