Art Tiles

Jo May Art Tiles are made from either white ceramic or natural grey slate.
These beautiful decorative tiles  can hang on your wall using the hook provided on the back.

Ceramic tiles:
Full gloss – stunning colours.
These are approximately 15.5 cm x 15.5 cm x 5mm thick and are stunningly bright and gorgeous with a full gloss finish.
Ceramic tiles are decorative only and not recommended for outside, or as floor tiles, but they can be used as wall tiles if used in a situation where they are not scratched & will not need cleaning with anything other than water.

Slate Tiles:
Printed on a natural smooth grey slate, these vary in size and shape a little and are just amazingly gorgeous & a real focal wall piece.
They are a satin finish and the colours are great.
These are approximately 19cm x 19cm x 9mm thick. They cannot be used as grouted wall tiles. Can be used as trivets but the surface may scratch over time.
Very limited stock – we only print one at a time. Collect the whole set of 6!