Outdoor Garden Art Panels




Outdoor art in a private Garden, Whangarei

Outdoor art in a private Garden, Whangarei

Great for gardens and bathrooms, or anywhere you want a splash of colour.
Fully outdoor suitable art, on 3-4mm thick composite aluminium, with light black edges.
These are fully outdoor suitable, safe in the  sun & rain for many years, UV treated, full gloss, ranging from just $59.
Pre drilled in the corners, ready to hang using stainless steel screws.
The panels are made for long life outdoors, & have been very successfully tested in full sun conditions so far for 5 solid years. But of course nothing lasts forever. Serious long term life of the panels will depend on where you put them and how much sun they get, but at these great prices you can afford to put them in the full sun, enjoy them at their glorious best & just get more later!
The panels are virtually maintenance free  – just hose down if they get dusty. Do not scrub or rub – they have a surface coating which you do not want to damage – if you have to clean something off please just use a very soft wet cloth or sponge – not a paper towel or rough scourer.
Of course, you are also totally able to hang these indoors – they are fantastic in kitchens and bathrooms too.

Please see catalog images below, and email me to see if the ones you like are in stock or how long the wait will be to have one made. We can send anywhere worldwide – email me for a quote, and within NZ freight is usually around $10 to $15 depending on your location and size of the parcel.  Please note XL panels incur higher freight charges due to the excess packaging required.

These fully outdoor panels are not generally currently available in stores but there is a limited range of mostly smaller sizes for tourists in some outlets – please see my stockists page for details. Please note prices at retail outlets will vary from store to store depending on their commission rate & will not be the same as here. The only retail store to stock a really good range of all sizes is “The Bach” in Whangarei – otherwise please order direct off me.
Here is a link to our international ETSY store – Jo May Design ETSY Shop where you can purchase selected designs online with direct checkout and shipping costs are automatically calculated for you – easy!
Otherwise just email me at jomaydesign@xtra.co.nz
Please specify the size that you want when emailing, the numerical code ( hover your mouse for the code) and make sure you say you want  “aluminium panels” in your email.


 Sides of panels          
  Large projects & XL custom orders


Gallery 1:
Tall Outdoor Garden Art Panels in two sizes:       

Medium : 80cm x 27cm $129 each 
Small 49.5cm x 16.7cm  $59 each

*Great for all areas of the home or garden

*If your order is urgent, for every panel you chose please have a back up design in case it is not in stock right now.

*Hover mouse over image or click on it to display the code for ordering.

*Any writing shown on panels is for web protection only – this is not on the actual panels.

Link to buy small and large sizes online through ETSY:    Buy now on ETSY

Gallery 2:
Large Outdoor Garden Art Panels

80cm x 54cm  $275 each.

* Great for fences or large walls

* Great impact for pools or courtyards

*Allow 1-3  weeks  to supply in case we don’t have your first choice in stock immediately – we make these in batches to achieve this great price.

*Hover mouse over image or click on it to display the code for ordering. Click to enlarge.

* All panels are 80cm x 54cm regardless of image size here

*Any writing shown on panels is for web protection only – this is not on the actual panels.

Link to buy XL panels on ETSY: Jo May Design ETSY Shop


Gallery 3:
XL  Outdoor Garden Art Panels

Custom sizes
Maximum height 1600, maximum width 1300
Prices up to $1000 + courier & packaging
Images limited to those in gallery #2

Example prices: 1600 x 1300 $1000, 1600 x 1000 $800, 1300 x 570 $470, 1000 x 45 $320, 1000 x 1000 $575 ( limited images this shape).

*Please note, courier prices for these larger items can be quite high depending on where you live in NZ, usually between $50 for up here in Northland and $300 for the South Island.  You are welcome to pick up if you have a vehicle that can safely carry your size.

* Great for anywhere outside such as fences or pools, or large indoor feature walls

*Allow 4-6  weeks to supply as these are individually made one at a time, and we usually have a wait list.

Retaining wall

Shipping container